The idea of TIR was devised by Matej Stupica and Andraž Magajna, in one of the basement places, shared by the residents of the skyscraper in the centre of Ljubljana, created and named as Andergraund Kultur Cirkus Klet.

TIR was established as part of the OFFTIR Association. It is formed by a collective of artists, who at the same time represent its editorship. TIR is a self-publishing production and distribution of sound and visual material. It is a place of networking for artists and scholars, working in fields of sound and visual art.

The main idea of TIR is creating sound and its visual materialization. TIR editions tend to avoid conventional (commodity/industrial) reproduction. They are conceived as pieces – as sonic-visual representation of each project. They are mixtures of DIY (self-publishing) and DIWO (co-working) principles, expressed in hybrid forms of unique specimens, monotypes, artist books, etc.  TIR editions are not bound by quantity or ‘genre’.

Sound parts of TIR releases (in digitally compressed edition) are available for download on OFFTIR website. TIR editions in their integral (non-compressed sound and visual) form of unique pieces can be ordered via e-mail