Image 24
Matej Stupica: drums, cymbals and objects amplified with contact/piezo microphones
Andraž Magajna: mixing table, rows and columns, PC, sonorous image
Matej Stupica: visual image, small boxes
Andraž Magajna: rows and columns, small boxes
Image 31
P1p3P3p1 is based on the Poisson distribution and is consisted of thirteenths. Each of thirteen second thirteenths consists seven tracks. Within each track, certain number of events – with contact/piezo microphones amplified and recorded sounds of drums, percussions and different objects – are disposed on the basis of Poisson distribution. The tables (rows and columns) with specified distribution take the role of notation. The produced sound totality is reflected in the visual one with one-image-layered graphical display of each thirteenth.

media: MINI-CD
Number of pieces: 50 pieces
Series: S series
Recorded: may 2013
Release date: July 2014

Series S is a series of exploring coincidences. It is attempting to sound the probability. By exploring and building relationships between coincidences, sequences of events, shifting barycenters, structured structures, compositions etc., it is catching sound moments over and over again, joining them in totality. Series S is a play with coincidences - in everyday they can be seen as journeys from extreme cases of total order to complete disorder.